Diabetes Complications that You Should Know

Diabetes is not only just the sugar levels in the blood in excess of normal. Moreover, diabetes can be a source of many diseases that exist in the body. Complications can arise due to the high blood sugar levels and uncontrolled.

Is Diabetes Dangerous?

Answering the question is a bit hard. Because actually, people with diabetes can live a life like a normal person in General.

In addition, people with diabetes do not always have a skinny body, not necessarily experience abnormalities in the kidneys, and not necessarily using insulin every day to prevent a rise in blood sugar levels.

Yes, people with diabetes don't always experience it when they were able to control their blood sugar levels. So, when people with diabetes were able to control their blood sugar, so nothing to worry about.

But when the blood sugar levels of diabetics not controlled, there will be so many diseases that will occur. Damage to various internal organs was not inevitable.

What are the complications of diabetes?

Diabetes complications that often occur, among others:

1.      Diabetic Nephropathy

Complications of diabetic nephropathy affect the kidney organs. Kidneys in uncontrolled diabetics will be damaged so cannot withstand the protein body. As a result, the body's protein will come out through the urine

Protein in the urine is an early sign of kidney damage. On the final stage, patients with impaired kidneys that are not handled properly will suffer kidney failure. Kidney failure is a State when kidney functions decline.

As a result, a variety of toxic materials can also be assembled in the body because it was not successfully removed.

2.      Diabetic Retinopathy

On this complication, the blood vessels of the eye will be more vulnerable to rupture and bleed. The blood accumulates in the retina of the eye will interfere with the function of the retina in receiving the stimulation of light. This would result in a decrease in vision eyes slowly.

3. Diabetic Neuropathy

Patients with diabetic neuropathy may experience complaints of tingling or feeling like a ball on certain body parts. This causes diabetics with complications of this vulnerably exposed wounds on the feet; usually detected due to the lack of pain.

4. Peripheral Vascular Disease

Peripheral vascular blood flow functions to different parts of the body. When blood sugar levels are not controlled, the peripheral blood vessels will also be damaged so that the blood flow is not optimal.

Abnormalities of the peripheral blood vessels along with diabetic nephropathy may cause wounds on the feet that are difficult to recover can even become gangrene.

5. Coronary heart disease

Over time, high blood glucose can damage blood vessels and nerves that control the heart and blood vessels. The longer you have diabetes, the higher the likelihood of heart disease also suffered will be developed.

6. Diseases of the blood vessels of the brain

Diabetes can cause a blockage of the blood vessels of the brain. This can lead to stroke so that sufferers experience a decrease in muscle strength of the body, paralysis, and loss of consciousness.

So many complications that can occur due to diabetes. To that end, it is important for those who have diabetes to keep blood sugar levels in order to remain controllable.

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