Gout Symptoms in Foot

Disease of gout or gout is a joint disease that occurs due to the levels of uric acid in the blood is too high. In normal conditions, uric acid is dissolved in the blood and out through the urine. 

But under certain conditions, the body can produce excess amounts of uric acid or experience interruptions in disposing of excess uric acid, so the uric acid builds up in the body.

A buildup of uric acid crystals will form in the joints, which can trigger pain and swell in various joints of the body. Although generally form in the joints, uric acid crystals can also form in the kidneys and the urinary tract. The condition can interfere with the function of the kidneys or cause urinary tract stones.

The following 7 High uric acid Symptoms in the foot

1. Pain in the big toe

Due to the formation of crystals from purine, the big toe is the first part that feels pain. In a medical term called piraí; diseases of the bone joints. Usually, the pain occurs repeatedly for several hours.

According to the Mayo Clinic study, pain in joints can occur at any time. It hurts the most noticeably occurs in the first 12 hours. Some people can overcome the flavor quickly; some thus getting worse.

2. Swelling in the Area of the big toe

Big toe that is experiencing pain repeatedly, gradually became swollen. Swelling occurs at the side of the thumb to the soles of the feet. In fact, it can attack the heel.

Swelling occurs due to piles of gout in the big toe. The symptoms are characterized by redness on the skin, visible and prominent, inflamed. If not immediately treated, this indication will be extended up to the calves.

So that the swelling is reduced, you can compress an unused with cold water. This substance will prevent inflammation of the big toe. However, for chronic swelling, use warm water. The purpose is to make smooth blood circulation so as to relieve the pain.

3. Leg Joints Feel Stiff

Have you ever found it hard to move my legs? Be careful, because these symptoms indicate the attack hyperuricemia. It felt like someone was gripping the joints so that it becomes stiff.

These symptoms are also accompanied by soreness and rheumatic pain. During sleep, the sufferer will feel uncomfortable, uneasy, and always want to move away. One way of overcoming this indication, that reproduce the consumption of foods containing iron and folic acid.

4. Skin Peel

Symptoms of gout can spread quickly throughout the body, including the skin. Not only do you feel the pain, but also itches. Typically, an indication of this attack the surface of the skin above joints.

First, the skin looks scaly. After a few days, parts of the Peel. These symptoms can be reduced over time. However, it will spread to other parts of the body if not treated properly.

5. Often tingling in feet

Characterized by tingling numbness in the foot. Usually, it happens if too long sits cross-legged or both legs bent. In General, these attacks happen because the blood circulation is not smooth.

However, in the case of hyperuricemia, the tingling sensation caused by gout. Not only attacking the symptoms, but also the joints around the hand. If this is left unchecked, tingling can last for a few days. As a result, you can't use your hands or feet to have activity.

6. Hot Flavors Arise on the joints of the foot

Tingling that untreated will cause a sense of heat in the foot. This symptom is accompanied by pain. To take some, try soaking in warm water containing salt.

Occasionally, you can compress an unused with warm water. This very powerful way to overcome the trauma of muscle, tingling, as well as the launch of oxygen.

7. Attack of the critical Interval and Piraí Advanced

Symptoms of critical intervals can you experience uric acid if not handled properly. The indications 6-24 lasted for months. Else can strike more than twice in the past 5-10 years.

Then, going on the attack piraí advanced; characterized by an inflammatory condition that is getting worse. The cuts will produce pus. Furthermore, emerging clinical symptoms of fever, pain in the form of fabulous, as well as a decrease in kidney function.

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